Black Box Studio Rates

Soon as we start to talk about money, things get hairy. Well don’t worry, we try to tailor each project here to your budget and will give you an idea of a realistic outcome. The addition of studio B has given Jeff and Magoo more flexibility in managing budgets, so the excuse of we couldn’t afford them is not good enough. We will find a way!

Firstly, each project is unique. A recording studio has no way to know the size and style of your band, and that's just for starters. You may be a garage band and want to record quickly with no fuss, or you may want to layer up your recording to make a lush sound. It may just be a mixing gig from something you have recorded in your bedroom. There are many other things we need to know in order to give you a fair and accurate price for recording.

That is one of the reasons that we prefer that you call. Things like deadlines, availability, existing recordings, and numerous other things go into the overall cost. Likewise, we are willing to work with you to adjust schedules or services in the event that your budget is limited. You won't know the true cost until we know what's involved in the project.

THAT SAID, we respect your privacy, or that you might be "just looking." So we're presenting the following RATES and POLICIES to give you a general idea of what we charge and require for different types of project. Should you decide that you want to ask some questions, please feel free to call or email. We also would like to encourage you to visit the studio for a brief tour (depending on availability). Hopefully, you will get a chance to see the facilities in person.

A FINAL WORD ON RATES - Not all studios are created equal. The talent of the engineers, the acoustics of the rooms, the gear, and the experience of the facility make comparing two studios very difficult. I guess the best test is do you like the sound of the releases from that studio? You can find more stuff on this in the FAQ section.

Studio Rates

Studio A Day Rate without engineer (10 hour day) $440 per day.
Studio B Day Rate without engineer POA (Se-tup fees may be involved).

Studio A Day Rate with Magoo $880 per day
Studio B Day Rate with Magoo $660 per day

Studio A Day Rate with Jeff Lovejoy $685 per day

Studio Hourly Rate (subject to availability) Contact us for quote.

All prices include 10% GST Tax. A 50% deposit is required 14 days before the session begins. The remainder due upon completion of the project. All mixes, CD-Rs, DATs and master tapes, drives, etc. shall remain the property of Blackbox recording until all invoices are paid in full by the client.

These prices include all CDR’s and DVD backups. Bringing your own FireWire drive is recommended. This will speed up backup time. Sessions can be backed up to CD-R or DVD-R but it takes a long time – a typical session will take one hour per song to back up, much more expensive than a FireWire drive. We back up active sessions on two separate hard drives for safety but cannot guarantee that nothing will go wrong. We prefer it if you buy a firewire drive, we are not USB 2 compatable! These prices also include the hire of our 2” reels for the 16 track tape machine. These reels get used until we can’t hear the hi-hats anymore. If you wish to keep your tapes, they can be purchased from Musiclab.

We are not legally or financially responsible for items brought into or left on the premises. It is recommended that clients obtain insurance to protect against possible damage expense or loss of article(s) of value left on the premises. This includes master tapes, drives, etc. left at Blackbox.