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As a child of the 70s, Jeff’s first taste of music included KISS, The Sex Pistols and The Clash. Somewhere in his early teens a birthday bought his first guitar and kick started something special.

Skipping the basic 3chord Dylan tunes, Jeff spent many an hour, day and school holiday learning KISS and The Dead Kennedys songs and probably wearing his Mother’s leather pants and high heels when she was out grocery shopping….

It was the era of rock and all the kids were into it. Parties became jam sessions and friends became bands.

Before Brisbane was the scene we know today, Jeff and a lot of the other people we know and love were making noise and pissin’ off neighbors with bad drumming and cranked guitar amps from their parent’s garages.

Music was the only career for Jeff, fun bands became full time after high school and he acquired his first 4-track cassette recorder around the same time. He started helping out friend’s bands and making demos, still in their parent’s garages.

Into a rock n roll adulthood Jeff started on the live mixing circuit and working more and more with local musicians. He started touring regionally, nationally and eventually internationally.

The 4-track cassette recorder was still pumpin’ and Jeff took some samples of his work into Red Zeds, the original and infamous rock n roll studios of Brisbane. First up as Assistant Engineer (aka The Tea Lady) and then gradually worked his way up and became House Engineer.

The itch was back, and we don’t mean nuthin’ funny. Jeff wanted to travel, and he started to freelance Engineering & Producing around the country and working with the likes of The Cruel Sea, Resin Dogs, Intercooler, Tex Perkins, Soma Rasa, Shutterspeed, Powderfinger and many more, but who needs to name drop…?

As well as all this amazing Engineer work, Jeff was playin’ guitar with Lavish. They were signed to Festival Mushroom, the radio loved ‘em, their faces were on magazine covers, and someone even let them go on TV..

After endless nights on the road, instead of heading to rehab like most rockers, Lavish needed therapy over too much time spent in the “Tarago”. The band slowly self-destructed and Jeff found himself thinking about Engineering full time again.

Insert Magoo. Long time friends became small business partners. Pooling their gear together they started The BlackBox Mobile Recording Unit. They set up their gear in rock stars lounge rooms, bedrooms and of course, in their garages…

Jeff and Magoo were never very good removalists, and figured the best way to stop breaking their gear was to leave it in one spot. BlackBox Studios in Newstead opened in 2001. It’s like what they say in that movie, a man’s home is his castle is his studio. With its homey vibe and ‘all about the rock’ morals, BlackBox has become the birthplace for many of Brisbane’s favorite recordings.

Including one of Jeff and Magoo’s most recent projects, the recording of the first Lovejoy EP.
Kylie Lovejoy, the most rock n roll chick in Brisbane, decided they should start up a band and exploit their family name all over the world. Dragging in Daniel Hack on vocals and Ross McLennan on drums. Jeff is back touring, but thanks to Virgin Blue, has no fear of Tarago confinement, therapists or any smelly feet except his own.

Compulsory name drop:

Lovejoy has toured interstate, played Livid in Brisbane, were voted Brisbane best live band for 2003 by The Courier Mail, were on the cover of Rave Mag, and have so far received national radio support for the EP, including the Triple J Net50. Some people even bought the CD and they have made it to No 12 on the AIR Charts. Next step, world domination.

Lavish toured nationally with: Placebo, Super Furry Animals, and The Tea Party.
They played at Livid in Brisbane, received high rotation with 3 songs on JJJ, graced the cover of Rave Mag twice, TV appearances on Hey Hey It’s Saturday twice, Rove, Rage, Recovery twice, Ground Zero, Video Smash Hits, and even Good Morning Adelaide! And not mention that song on Buffy the Vampire Slayer…

Jeff Lovejoy’s Live Mixing:
Australia and New Zealand Big Day Out tour with Shonen Knife (Japan)
SWSX 97 showcase tour with The Dream Poppies and Regurgitator
Tours: Elevation, Pangea, Powerfinger, and Regurgitator

Jeff Lovejoy’s Recordings:
The Cruel Sea, Resin Dogs, Intercooler, Soma Rasa, Shutterspeed, Powderfinger, Tex Perkin‘s And The Dark Horses, Afro Dizzi Act, Six Ft Hick, Lavish, System 13, Charles Foster Kane, Pretty Violet Stain, 2 Dogs, Guy Webster, The Informants, Toothfaeries, Dreamkillers, and Devo’s last ever show, at Livid in Brisbane.